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Atlético Madrid Féminas in midst of strong campaign

Sopuerta and the ladies' team are third in the table

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Third place with 38 points, two behind Barcelona and six behind leaders Athletic Bilbao. Atlético Féminas' season to this point can be judged as positive with the Féminas still within shouting distance for the title and the domestic cup. Angel Villacampa’s women have also reached the last 16 of the UEFA Women's Champions League on their debut. After a run of one point over three games, the Féminas have won back-to-back games over Transportes Alcaine (6-1) and Rayo Vallecano (3-0 on Saturday). The club from Madrid is directing their women’s team into the right direction where finally they can become a successful club both in domestic football and also on the European stage.

Under Miguel Angel Sopuerta, who arrived at the club last July, Atlético looked like an improved team from last season, and this is due in part to the circumstance that their best players are in great form. Goalkeeper Lola Gallardo, regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in Spain, is having an impressive season between the posts while the experienced players like Priscilla Borja, Deborah Garcia, Silvia Mesequer, Kenty Robles and Amanda Sampedro have been outstanding, especially in their European match against Zorky, when they managed to turn around the 0-2 deficit into an impressive 3-2 aggregate victory.

It turns out though, that Sopuerta’s ladies have struggled in their away matches as they are finding it tough to win them, especially against strong teams. This, along with a heavy defeat to Lyon in Europe, cost Sopuerta his job. The team is still at times a complete paradox; they win matches with huge and convincing scores against minnow opponents and when it comes to encounter a strong side, they remove their foot from the gas, losing their killer instinct and the awareness that they are a solid side as well. This has cost them points in their direct encounters, such as a 3-0 loss against Athletic Bilbao and a stalemate against Barcelona.

As we dig into the second half of the season, Villacampa has a lot to work on but also has a lot of positive on which his girls can re-start their domestic campaign. With only six points dividing the first three teams atop the Primera Division, the league promises to be a thrilling one until the final matchday.

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