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5 reasons to support Atlético Madrid

Atleti are positioned well after great success in recent years

After last Saturday's 2-1 defeat at Camp Nou, a question came up to my mind: ¿por qué somos del Atleti? After some thinking, I formulated five reasons why supporting Atlético Madrid is so great (and also taxing):

1. We love journeys

Winning all the games it would be boring, let's be honest. We love Atleti because we love life and we know perfectly that life like stories has chapters, starts, endings, thrilling moments, victory and heartbreaks. It's a journey and we love to experience it. Loving Atleti is not for the faint of heart; it's a commitment, a long, winding road.

2. We love heroes and fights

Saturday's game at Camp Nou was an amazing performance from Atlético, even in defeat. Koke’s goal was simply perfect, and the nine men defending against the strongest team in the world was brave and courageous, exhibiting the side's gravitas. Nine men shut down Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suárez when they threatened to blow the game out of proportion.

3. We love leaders

"El Cholo" is our leader. "Effort is non-negotiable," Diego Simeone once said, "And the collective efforts is installed ahead of individuals". Always down to earth, Cholo bleeds red and white and is loved and revered by the Calderón faithful since his playing career, which included two stops at Atlético. As a manager, he is able to give the right focus to the team and encourage the fans. He has done tremendously well up to now and one of the main results on the pitch is having a stellar defense as well as an aggressive midfield and a strong determination to win.

4. We love values

Simeone said to Marca in 2006: "Above all, I want my team to have a style." In other words, he knows that the difference between a winning team and a losing one relies on values. Culture plays a huge role in forging a side and in giving it a way of being on the pitch. Atleti have strong values which leads to a strong identity. This is one of the best ways to face defeat and look for the next steps.

5. Profe Ortega

Oscar Ortega is one of the unsung heroes. Profe Ortega is the club's chief physio, and as such is responsible for preparing the team to play Simeone's intense, physically demanding style. He perfectly embodies the spirit of being a Colchonero.