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Diego Godin responds to Guti comments

Following a victory at the Santiago Bernabeu, Godin responded to Guti's nonsensical comments in a succinct and humble manner

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Diego Simeone's Atletico Madrid have a reputation as a hard-working underdog fighting tooth and nail against two giants of European and Spanish football. Their victory today in El Derbi has connotations that matter not just for the chase for second place but in how Atletico are going about their business in breaking up the duopoly that Real Madrid and Barcelona hold in La Liga.

Former Real Madrid player, Guti, made comments during the week that were short of humility. He said, "I can't think of one Atlético player who would get into the Real Madrid team."

After such a poor display by Real Madrid, in their own back yard, Diego Godin responded in a typical manner when asked about Guti's comments after the game.

"From when I was little I was taught to be respectful and humble.

"We felt comfortable with how the game developed. We are used to playing like this and this time we also had the goal from Griezmann, which ended many days without scoring

"I know that it [winning the league] is very difficult, obviously, but there are still a lot of points in play and we will fight to the end."

Zinedine Zidane has his own pressures from inside the club with Cristiano Ronaldo throwing his teammates under the bus, he does not need the words of former teammates to stir the pot. Godin's response was succinct and as humble as their display on Saturday afternoon at the Santiago Bernabeu.