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12 facts to know after Real Madrid 0-1 Atlético Madrid

Read on for some fun facts about el derbi in light of today's win

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Atlético Madrid have now completed three seasons in which they are undefeated in the league against eternal rivals Real Madrid with a 1-0 win in the second La Liga derby of the season. It could turn out to be a pivotal game, as Atleti are now four points clear of Real in second place and are still keeping pace with Barcelona. Here are a dozen things you need to know about el derbi.

  • 1. The Spanish daily Marca named it "the never-ending derby."
  • 2. Saturday was the 212th derby. Real won the first one, 3-1, in 1928.
  • 3. Atlético have scored 270 times to win the tie 53 times. Their top scorer remains Paco Campos with 12 goals, while Adeladro still holds the record of most appearances: 35.
  • 4. Just one place separates the two sides in La Liga and it remains that way after the win. Atletico have accumulated 58 points and their rivals 54.
  • 5.    One billion dollars is the value of the players on the pitch: $772 million for Real and $391 million for Atlético. This is why the derby is considered one of the richest matches on the planet.
  • 6. The average age of the players on both sides is 26.
  • 7. Atleti have 12 players who have been capped in international play, Real Madrid have 17.
  • 8. Colchoneros are considered Real’s "bête noire" since they were able to stop Merengues’ process in a number of key moments over the past seasons – including this one.
  • 9. Luis Aragones, who played for Atlético in the years between 1964 and 1974 and is considered a legend by Atlético supporters, actually signed for Real Madrid in 1958 even though he never played in the senior squad. Juanfran as well played for both sides since he grew up in Real’s youth academy.
  • 10. Seven kilometres is the distance that divides Atleti’s Vicente Calderon from Real’s Santiago Bernabeu. El Cholo has reduced that distance.
  • 11. Atlético are the first team to ever win three seasons in a row at Santiago Bernabeu in La Liga History.
  • 12. Atletico are undefeated for the last three years against Real Madrid.