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PSV player attempts to troll Atletico Madrid, get burnt instead

The PSV defender gives a masterclass on how NOT to intimidate your opponents ahead of a huge tie

Atletico face their toughest week this season with a game on Sunday against Villarreal before traveling to the Netherlands to take on PSV Eindhoven in the Champions League during the week and then facing off against Real Madrid in El Derbi next Sunday. It is a serious time at the Vicente Calderon but you have to laugh at Nicolas Isimat-Marin's attempt to intimidate his mid-week opponents.

The PSV defender tells the reporter he is going to eat Atletico Madrid like soup before going on to demonstrate just how easy he finds eating soup. Marin takes a pause before declaring the soup is very hot as he burns his mouth. This is just downright hilarious viewing!

We will be keeping an eye out for the French defender and how he plays against Atletico but he has endeared himself to Atleti fans and football fans around the world with this innovative take on how not to intimidate his opponents!