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Atletico Madrid given the go-ahead to change ownership of new stadium site

It looks as though Atletico Madrid will, in fact, be playing football at the Wanda Metropolitano

Just one day before the December 31st deadline for the land transfer, Atletico Madrid have been given the all-clear to officially own the Olympic Stadium, which means Atletico Madrid will be playing football at the Metropolitano Wanda next season, according to AS.

The club were rejected official ownership of the Stadio Olympico based on the fact that there were "substantial errors" in the application. This was on the 21st of December but now just over a week after, it is all go as Atletico actually will play their last season at the vicente Calderon.

The big reveal came at the beginning of December at an event in the VIP area of the Vicente Calderon when Atletico told the world their new stadium would be called the Wanda Metropolitano but there were still substantial doubts that the move would go ahead. They have sealed ownership of the land now, however, and it would seem that the building of the stadium is the last thing that has to be done with many of the new season-ticket holders already picking out their new seats in the stadium when the 2017-18 season starts there in August.

The Wanda Metropolitano