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Fan sign petition to get rid of new Atletico Madrid badge

There seems to be a split forming between many of the fans as some of them remain resolute that they do not want to change their club badge

Club Atletico de Madrid v UD Las Palmas - La Liga Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

It is safe to say fans are not happy with Atletico Madrid's new badge and they have taken to the streets in an effort to get enough sigantures to ensure the old badge remains in place.

In the 6th and 62nd minutes of yesterday's game, the fans sang, "El escudo, no se toca!" - “Don't touch the badge.” They also sang "El Atleti somos nosotros!' - “We are Atleti!” - as well as “Que se vayan, diles que se vayan, de una puta vez!” - which basically means “if they want to go, tell them to [expletive] go!” These were predominantly sung when there was a lot more tension between the owners and the club's fans and it may seem those days are returning. But as AS point out, it was not followed up by the rest of the fans.

According to AS, the Frente Atletico are behind the petition and are adamant that they do not want a change. Much like at the Atletico Women's game against Barcelona, the chants started in the Frente-occupied stand but it didn't really catch on and there seems to be a division between the Frente and the rest of the stadium on the matter.

Diego Simeone said that things change and life evolves and that is simply how it is regarding the badge, but the Frente are sticking to their beliefs on this one.

The new badge, which has been heavily criticised