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Savic suspension would have given Lucas chance to shine

The 20-year-old was set to start at Anoeta on Saturday

Real Madrid v Club Atletico de Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

On Wednesday morning, it seemed that LaLiga was close to rejecting Atletico Madrid’s appeal to try to nullify the second yellow card Stefan Savic received last Saturday against Malaga. It remains understandable that a referee could get confused in the heat of the moment, with the pressure on to make a decision quickly. But it becomes ridiculous after the error has been watched several times. LaLiga, amazingly, agreed, and the second yellow Savic saw has been overturned, meaning he should start at Real Sociedad Saturday.

Anyway, the situation would have been a good chance for Josema Gimenez or Lucas Hernandez to take the Montenegrin’s spot in the XI for one day. Reports from recent training sessions at El Cerro del Espino said that Lucas woils have occupied the vacant spot next to Diego Godin at Sociedad on Saturday afternoon.

There are no doubts about the canterano; he has demonstrated his composure and readiness to appear every time he’s been required, despite only playing in 3 games this season. In two of them, Lucas was entered after his mates needed to leave the pitch with injury. It is always difficult for a defender to enter in a game with some minutes already gone off the clock; it can lead to slips and errors.

Although he was close to leaving the team in the January 2015 window, 2015-2016 allowed the 20-year-old to settle into the team. Diego Simeone kept the player and his faith was not misplaced; Lucas responded like a veteran in the Champions League quarterfinal round against Barcelona, and he’s already played in a Champions League final. Such experience at such a young age is vital for the Frenchman. Thanks to his performances last spring, some of us realized he was more than just a jury-rig, not only one for the future but also for the present.

Lucas is one of the best young central defenders in Europe; he is fast, strong, cold blooded and has knows where to be. Savic and Giménez need to be focused and perform (when fit/not suspended/playing without positional sense) because Lucas is a cool customer who will get another chance soon, especially if the Montengrin’s form slides further or the Uruguayan continues not to have the coach’s faith.