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David de Gea pays tribute to “friend” and former Atletico Madrid teammate Cleber Santana

The pair played together for one year and De Gea says “it is difficult to explain how I feel”

David de Gea played with Cleber Santana for one year at Atletico Madrid and the current Manchester United goalkeeper has posted a message on Instagram to pay tribute to his former teammate.

Cleber was one of the 75 who died when a plane carrying the Caphecoense team, who were on their way to play Atletico Nacional in the first leg of their Copa Sudamericana in Medellin, Colombia.

One of the messages he posted was Rest In Peace friend.

Descansa en Paz amigo.

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In the second he said: Deeply affected by Medellin's plane crash. I shared locker with Cleber Santana and it's difficult to reveal how I feel. A huge hug for the families of the deceased and wounded.