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Griezmann talks Premier League, Ballon d’Or, Real Madrid clause and PSG

The Frenchman continues to talk about his future in the fashion of Paul Pogba last summer

Antoine Griezmann has been speaking about his future again and again ruled out a move to Real Madrid as the two clubs have a pact between them that no transfer would happen for the French star.

"I cannot go to Real -- there is a pact between the two clubs that prohibits a transfer," he said, according to Dermot Corrigan from ESPNFC.

It is growing increasingly apparent that Griezmann will be moving to the Premier League when his time at Atletico Madrid ends and Manchester United remain hotly tipped to land the 25-year-old.

"PSG? It is an interesting possibility but Ligue 1 does not interest me for now," Griezmann continued. "I would prefer to stay in La Liga or go to the Premier League."

He was also asked about the possibility of a move to PSG the French club reportedly moving for the player last summer while Diego Simeone’s future hung in the balance.

It is becoming a regular thing at this stage for Griezmann to talk about his future and as long as he continues to struggle, it will be annoying for Atletico Madrid fans. His relationship with Paul Pogba has been well-documented.

Griezmann’s aims remain very high and he also went on to talk about the Ballon d’Or, saying, "the Ballon d'Or is one of my objectives, but it will be complicated so long as Ronaldo and Messi are around.”

The Atletico striker did continually throw in the “I’m not looking to move, right now” but he continues to give interviews and build anticipation over his future. It is turning into a sort of debacle, which many will remember with Pogba, as he dropped hint after hint online. He hung out with Zlatan one day and the next he was saying he would reveal all soon.

Maybe this is a growing trenf for footballers, with the importance and impact of social media growing, to drive people towards their sites and build their status, celebrity and, ultimately, their worth to a team and when they finish their careers.