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Atletico Madrid named as one club that owes most of La Liga’s debt

The club’s tax issues remain a dark cloud over the club

Club Atletico de Madrid v FC Bayern Muenchen - UEFA Champions League Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

As thing improve for los Rojiblancos on the field, many of the same problems haunt the club as they have been named as one of six clubs who owe over 70% of the €230 million total, according to AS English.

In La Liga, Atletico Madrid and Espanyol are the two sides who are named while Valladolid, Mallorca, Zaragoza and Elche make up the six in the segunda division.

Real Madrid and Barcelona owe nothing to hacienda - the Spanish tax man - as Javier Tebas works to eliminate the crippling tax debt that so many Spanish clubs previously ran up. The president of La Liga has been criticised on many occasions and possibly rightly so but his dedication to ensuring Spanish clubs clear their names with the tax man is worth noting.

"Thanks to a clean up in professional football the debt has been progressively reduced, as has global debt in the game," La Liga's internal affairs director Javier Gomez said, as per AS English.

La Liga are hoping to reduce debt to just €50 million by 2020 which would be an alarming difference between that and the €650 million they owed just three years ago.

Atletico continue to make strides on the field but they will have to get their affairs in order to prevent a significant drop when Diego Simeone leaves the club.