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Celta Vigo assure Atletico Madrid that game will go ahead despite torrential rainfall

The Galician city was hit heavily with torrential rain last night but Celta Vigo are confident the game will go ahead.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Celta Vigo's Balaidos stadium was hit heavily with rainfall last night as photos emerged online of the extent of the flooding this morning. There were concerns that Atletico's game at the Galician side's stadium would be called off but Celta Vigo officials are confident that the game will go ahead.

According to reports in AS, Celta Vigo officials have made assurances that, while the pictures are quite severe, the pitch itself did not suffer damage during the torrential rainfall.

Several photos of the stadium, which has a capacity of 31,800, have emerged that make the possibility of the game going ahead very optimistic. There are even photos of the dressing rooms with several inches of water in them.

It could call a halt to Augusto Fernandez' return to the stadium having spent three years there and making over 100 appearances with the club before a recent transfer to Atletico for a fee in the region of €6.5 million. Atletico Madrid sit atop La Liga with Celta Vigo sitting in fifth having suffered a dip in their recent form following an excellent start to the season.