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Pros and cons of sending Angel Correa on loan

We take a look at the pros and cons of sending certain youngsters out on loan this winter

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Ángel Correa has played 702 minutes so far this season, which has been enough to see him score three goals and add two assists in 16 appearances. In six of those 16 appearences, Correa started the game but in four of the last seven, he has not featured and remained on the bench. He was given a start against Levante following his crucial goal in the tie against Rayo Vallecano but only lasted 55 minutes without having too much of an effect on the game.


More experience

While Correa is not a shy player, playing more regularly would build his confidence and improve his understanding of Spanish and European football. Perhaps a move to a team in the lower half of the league would result in him becoming indispensable for that team and experiencing how it feels to play every game.


The Argentinian is only 20 years old, and like most players in and around this age, they need consistent performances to improve at a faster and more predictable rate. Correa leaves the impression that he could be one of the youngsters in the team to improve at a fast rate and continued game time would only speed this up. It would be a shame to spend lost time on Atletico's bench when a spell away from the club could result in him returning next year a much improved and important option for the club.



While Correa still needs to improve, taking him out of the team will result in less goals as he has already proven that he has a high level of finishing when given the chance. This is an area of the squad that needs improving and losing Correa would weaken Simeone's hand. Angel seems to have the gift of taking opportunities; he is the kind of player that appears at key moments in the right place. His contribution can be minuscule throughout a game before popping up to grab a crucial goal. Losing this aspect of Correa's play would not ideal.


He is one of the best dribblers in the squad, and his willingness to show off his skills is one of his best features. There are only a few players on the team as good in one on one situations - Griezmann and Carrasco perhaps. This quality is valuable because it gives Atletico the chance to unbalance a game and is very useful against defenses that play close together and close to their own goal. Atletico are sure to face many defenses that play like this in the second half of the season and in away ties of the Champions League and Copa del Rey.


In most games Simeone has preferred to use Correa from the bench, which may be down to the fact that he changes games when introduced including the games against Eibar and Rayo. The effect is lessened when he starts games but it is still a very useful resource and a difficult thing to find in a player.

Correa is still only 20 and might not like the idea of playing on loan but it could help his future immeasurably. He has been good for Atletico, however, and could still improve based on his fearlessness and willingness to always look for the ball. It is a difficult decision for Cholo as he tries to reshape his squad in the winter transfer window.