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Players Ratings: Atletico Madrid 2-0 Getafe

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Atletico Madrid player ratings for the Getafe victory. Quiet times in defense with some impressive performers in midfield and in attack. Man of the Match - Antoine Griezmann.

Oblak - 6.

continues to exude great confidence and never looked like he was under any pressure. He practically owned the aerial space surrounding him and he was able to catch everything Getafe threw at him. He gave no second chances to the opponent.

Juanfran - 6.

A great attacking presence, mainly in second half, and looked solid in defensive situations. He played an attacking role against Getafe and tried several crosses into attacking areas but could not set up a goal. Put plenty of work in on the right hand side.

Savic - 5.

He had a quiet debut in his first official game wearing the rojiblanca jersey. As Godin took  charge of Scepovic in aerial duels, he did not have too much work to do. An exhibition in defensive security, taking few risks and passing the ball up to the midfield when necessary.

GodÌn - 7.

Imperious in the aerial duels showing his leadership in center of defense, as always. Focused and never looked under pressure from the opposition. Just a few reasons why he is one of 3 team's captains.

Siqueira - 4.

A good attacking performance contributing quality on the left wing. That was overshadowed, however, by several individual errors. One of those errors induced a fright to his team. He got a very early yellow card that could have caused problems for the rest of the game.

O. Torres - 6.

Great first half, naturally assuming the control of game and making good combinations with forwards and wingers. He made a big effort to win the ball back for his team once he lost it and offered himself to press every time that happened. In the second half, with the team a bit blurred, he had less presence.

Saul - 7.

Quality and hard work in his first game in the initial XI as a central midfielder this year. Sometimes he pressed high, as Gabi used to do. Occasionally he over-complicates things, nothing that cannot be resolved playing some more matches in this position.

Gabi - 8.

It looked like there was "2 Gabis" on the field at times. Always pushing his teammates to press. Today he also showed himself very accurate with his passes and helped out the defense to begin attacks from that central midfield platform. Impressive. The Great Gabi could be back.

Carrasco - 5.

He seemed a bit shy and maybe lacking confidence in trying to dribble passed Getafe's right winger. He made some nice combinations with Siqueira on the left wing, but he almost always tried to go the centre of the field making diagonal movements using his right leg. We could see some flashes of his quality, but only sporadically.

Griezmann - 9.

He put Atletico in control early, controlling a loose ball in the opponent's box, finishing with a goal using his "weak" leg. Played very well in the first half, playing with more freedom and sharing the centre forward position with F. Torres. He finished a little slower in the second half, when he played as midfielder on the right wing, but got the important second goal with an assist from Jackson Martinez.

F. Torres - 6.

Didn't get a goal as his reward, but he put in some good work pressing the opponents. He was forced, several times, to receive the ball with his back to Getafe's goal. When it did not happen, he made various runs in a smart way but neither Oliver Torres or Griezmann were able to find him.

Correa - 8.

Once again he made his appearance at the beginning of the second half. Showed himself again to be brave and creative. He can set the place alight with just a couple of his tricks. Atletico fans are hoping to have a lot of glory evenings in the Calderon with Angelito. Plenty of excitement.

Jackson - 6.

Had 30 minutes to convince Simeone to start him the next day and he managed to succeed, we think. We could see a different actitude from Jackson, more demanding in his pressing and confident with the ball at his feet. He showed his abilities to play going backwards and played deep, making a few runs also. Nice assist to Griezmann too.

Tiago - 6.

Left out of the team for the first time this year, he came on to add balance to the side given the problems that Atletico seemed to be having at that point in the game. He brought experience and good-positioning on the field. A hard-to-replace player, "the brain of the team", as Simeone says.