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Pedro linked with Atletico as silly season kicks into gear

Pedro has not been great for Chelsea but he insists he is happy in London after four short months at the club

Clive Rose/Getty Images

They don't call it silly season for nothing. Pedro, who has been with Chelsea for little over a wet week, has been linked with Atletico Madrid despite Atletico not needing a player like Pedro and the transfer making very little sense other than the fact that Pedro has not been great since moving to London and the two clubs have a relatively good relationship in recent times.

His damnation of the speculation is pretty rudimentary. The Spanish attacker said, "I'm happy here. This information that I'm not is false. I am very satisfied to be here in this club. I am happy with the supporters and this team. Obviously the situation is not good but together it is possible for us to climb the table."

Atletico have also been linked with Diego Costa in exchange for Jackson Martinez, which is possibly the most plausible of all the transfers, Mauro Icardi of Inter Milan and Antoine Griezmann and Diego Simeone were reportedly going the other way. There is someone sitting in a room with a calculator adding 2 and 2 together and getting five on this one.

Out advice, let the Pedro rumours die and carry on with your lives because Pedro's lack of form at Chelsea and Chelsea's own lack of form will have everyone from Pedro to Cesc Fabregas and Roman Abramovich himself linked to moves away until their form continues or the window shuts, whichever comes first.