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WATCH: Eighteen points' worth of Griezmann goals

Griezmann is a one man three-point machine this season and has scored 18 points worth of winning goals. Here they are in all their versatility

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Optajose confirmed his importance on Sunday night last with one tweet: "6: Antoine Griezmann has scored more winning goals than any other player in La Liga this season (Luis Suárez, 5). Gold." They even went out of their way to put a "gold" with what was left of their remaining 140 characters.

That's 18 points and just a shade over half of Atletico's total that are a direct result of one man's final action in any given play. They are headers, volleys, sometimes free-kicks. They are always important.

Griezmann has scored five in his last five games and remains heavily linked with Chelsea, PSG and every other team in the world because most teams in the world need world class players. Griezmann is entering territory that few have entered. The most quizzical thing about it is that he seems comfortable doing it all.

Goal 1 vs. Las Palmas - A free kick

Atletico were expected to do great things from day one in Simeone's new attacking system. It didn't work that way because it never works that way. Griezmann got the winner by way of a deflected free-kick and he was fouled for the free kick too, just to underline his importance to everything that happens in Atletico's attacking third.

Goal 2 vs. Getafe - Technique

Griezmann scored two goals in this 2-0 win. His second was an injury time tap-in - that he executed perfectly and you can find here - but the first one was beautiful. He uses his awareness to get back onside, knowing that the ball would be coming back in his direction, controls, and slots home between a defender and the goalkeeper to give Atletico the lead. Oh, it was with his right foot too.

Goal 3 vs. Sporting Gijon - A Header

This goal had several implications. If Atletico do go on to win La Liga, this goal won't be shown on the highlight reel. It might be one of the most important though. Scored in the dying minutes and poached by Griezmann, this one is crucial!

Goal 4 vs. Real Sociedad - Run and finish

Scored against his former club, Griezmann took the ball from a non-threatening position, ran directly at the Real Sociedad defenders and finished with world class vision and patience. He also had the class not to celebrate. We love you Antoine, we do!

Goal 5 vs. Espanyol - Predator

Griezmann is as versatile as you like. Fitting into a Diego Simeone system having had some growing pains when he initially moved is testament to how he has come on from a mental perspective. His goal-poaching, skill, defensive capabilities and ability to score every kind of goal is what really sets him apart. This won't be on the highlight reel either but it sealed all three points for Atletico, yet again!

Goal 6 vs. Athletic Bilbao - A World Class finish

The keeper was positioned well, the defenders were set up nicely and Griezmann wasn't in a shooting position. The ability shown in bending the ball around the keeper is top class and the kind of finish that few players can master in such high profile games. Griezmann is the real deal.

The speculation won't go again but living in the moment and enjoying Griezmann as an Atletico Madrid player right warms the cockles of our hearts. What a player he is and how important he can be for the club.