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Griezmann's sister escapes the Bataclan unharmed

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Amidst the senseless carnage that was last night in Paris, reports began to emerge that Antoine Griezmann's sister, Maud Griezmann, was in the vicinity of the attacks. As more reports flooded in, it became apparent that she was closer to the situation than anybody would have liked.

During the attack, Griezmann sent a tweet stating that he hoped God would take care of his sister:

Griezmann followed it up with this tweet that confirmed his sister was able to escape the Bataclan unharmed.

It translates to, "Thanks God my sister was able to exit the Bataclan. All my prayers go to the victims and their families. #ViveLaFrance"

Griezmann, himself, was playing for the French national side who beat Germany 2-0 in the Stade de France. He was replaced in the 80th minute for Hatem Ben Arfa and waited anxiously as news broke to both sets of players and the fans, who were not allowed to leave the stadium amidst concerns over their safety.